How publishers get paid

Get paid as content is consumed


⚬ Frictionless sign up to earn free credits and personalize experience
⚬ Ad-free content behind the system with less clutter and distraction
⚬ Option to engage with advertising to earn credit towards content
⚬ A digital wallet travels across the internet enabling one bill for all purchases and subscriptions


More revenue and data for publishers
⚬ Content stays where it currently lives (no aggregation)
⚬ Increase revenue through an additional stream
⚬ Gain more data and knowledge on your visitors
⚬ Set the price of each piece of content
⚬ Upsell option for your visitors with a premium ad-free experience


Publishers will have control over which content, traffic and users run through the experience.
⚬ Target under monetized traffic & user segments.
⚬ Real time pricing tools with option to use optimal pricing algorithm
⚬ Zero to one-click subscriptions sign up
⚬ Data on your visitors - learn what they want, help personalize your visitor's experience
⚬ Turnkey technical integration with minimal resources (a snippet of code)