Monetizing via micropayments is not a new idea. Our efforts began by studying the reasons behind the failure of past attempts. We have engaged federal reserve economists, top McKinsey paywall consultants, major content creators, and leading software engineers to find solutions for some of the toughest problems.

Here's what we learned are the keys to launching a sustainable system:

  1. Launch at scale.

  2. Create a better experience for all parties: users, publishers and brands. The system needs to realign their roles and the flow of revenue.

  3. This needs to be a sustainable solution. Publishers need protection in perpetuity with terms that don't change in the future. The system won't be propped up by publishers that help launch, which is why they keep 100% of revenue, forever.

Digital Wallet

Visitors will have a digital wallet that accompanies them as they navigate content across the internet.  The digital wallet will keep a ledger of their earnings through brand engagements and expenditures through content consumption. 

Users will have frictionless adoption of the system and be prompted to optimize their experience by adding payment.Users that add a payment (i.e. credit card) will have one bill for all their content and subscription from across the internet.


The system is not built yet. We will only build this system if we have significant industry support, and we will only launch when we're confident we can make publishers more money.

We are currently gauging industry support and accepting qualified launch partners who see potential value in our efforts. There is no risk or cost to signing up and you may opt-out at any time prior to launch.  Launch partners will lock in the preferred deal and have access to use the system for free.  Non-launch partners will be charged over 20% to use the system in the future.